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Have You Thought About Becoming Catholic?


RCIA begins Sept. 7, 2017


We will meet on Thursday Nights

in Hillside at 6:30 pm


Join Us if you want to know more

about the Catholic Faith!


Questions may be directed to the parish office

by calling (409) 722-3413 or emailing to stcharlesnederland@gmail.com

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St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

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Altar Flowers

Flowers may be placed on the altar

in memory of, or to honor a loved

one or special occasion. Cost is $100 and your donation will be noted

in the bulletin.

 Those wishing to donate flowers

may call the office at 722-3413.

“Hidden Treasures of the Kingdom”

Are you new to St. Charles Borromeo Church?

Please know that simply attending Mass here does not make you a parishioner. As with any parish,

you must be registered to be considered a parishioner. Please download the registration form,

complete and return to parish office.

Welcome to St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church!

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